Excited to share the behind the scenes stories of tragedy and triumphs which led to the US Coast Guard’s helicopter rescue swimmer program on the podcast: Heroes Behind Headlines. I am grateful the host asked about my book, So Others May Live and showcases the men and women who fly together into the chaos to save lives “So Others May Live.” It takes a team of aviators, rescue swimmers, flight mechanics and pilots to pull off each edge of your seat rescue. Simply extraordinary!

Recently, I was invited back to the show and brought in the real heroes of aviation: pictured from Left to Right, our host Ralph Pezzullo, me, (Bottom) John Whiddon (featured aviator in Chapter 3), Jason Quinn, USCG Rescue Swimmer #500 and host of the podcast The REALResQ and author and retired flight mechanic Ashlee Leppert. She wrote The Hurricane Within, a great book, must read!

Heroes Behind the Headlines:
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Martha La Guardia-Kotite shares inspiring stories of bravery from her book, “So Others May Live—Coast Guard’s Rescue Swimmers: Saving Lives, Defying Death.” These brave men and women put their lives at risk to rescue people in the greatest peril. Among the stories is that of a baby rescued from a boat in the middle of a hurricane.