Martha LaGuardia-Kotite Professional Keynote Speaker near Niceville, Florida - Author Portrait

Martha LaGuardia-Kotite

Professional Speaker

Martha LaGuardia-Kotite Professional Keynote Speaker near Niceville, Florida - Author PortraitAs a motivational speaker, Martha creates dynamic audience experiences telling stories about her service as a US Coast Guard senior officer, spokesperson and emergency preparedness liaison leading teams at sea and ashore. She shares how companies can overcome risks and perform at a high level leading through a disaster. Martha has addressed corporate audiences, leadership symposiums, college students and young adults from coast to coast. Her motivational keynote programs and TED talk-style workshops inspire audiences to think bigger and equip them with actionable takeaways. Her presentation topics are empowering for women and men in business, teams and students of all ages and phases.

Passionate about making a difference, Captain Martha LaGuardia-Kotite, shares her journey from a teenager faced with the sudden loss of her older brother to survivor and senior officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, award-winning author and Harvard-trained journalist.

While her early struggle threatened to derail her future, Martha emerged from this low point to realize the fragility and shortness of life. Seeking to make a positive impact and save lives, she chose to serve, make a difference and graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy. Her 29-years of distinguished service included assignments at sea as one of the first women on her first ship and then executive officer and only woman aboard a 110’ patrol boat with a crew of 16 men. A trailblazer and maverick, Martha earned opportunities to serve as a spokesperson, an Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for nationally significant disasters and was hand-picked to serve as the Commandant’s Press Secretary in Washington, D.C..



Martha is an experienced leader building teams in the Coast Guard at sea and ashore and in the corporate environment while working in New York City. Her presentation will give your team the insights to be ready to work through a crisis, identify goals for long term success while giving them tips to take the next step with courage.

Martha inspires audiences with her own “sea stories” and leadership insights from her interviews with inspirational change-makers, adding well placed humor to describe leadership lessons, tips and overcoming adversity from the deck plates to working with the White House. A maverick, she is an example of how to make positive change happen and earn respect in a male dominated military where women are 15% of the force.

Author of the award-winning book, So Others May Live: Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives, Defying Death, she published four other books on leadership, role-model women in the military and a collection of STEM stories for younger audiences.

Martha LaGuardia-Kotite US Coast Guard Retirement Keynote Speaker

We possess the unique opportunity to improve the quality of our life and make a difference for others and our world by striving for what we can be. Martha shares insights from her career in the U.S. Coast Guard and “sea stories” from her interviews with top leaders to help drive personal, business and cultural change. Facing our fears & taking risks requires courage. This inspiring presentation is relatable to audiences of all ages and phases. In 45-minutes, participants will rise up renewed and ready to: Believe Beyond. Lead Beyond and also know their own Dream Beyond… following four steps to seize it! Discover your beyond and have fun!

Martha LaGuardia-Kotite Changint Tomorrow by Seizing Today - Keynote_Speaker

Faced with adversity, we all feel afraid. Martha provides insights to avoid paralysis that prevents productive responses. She shares insights on how to build solutions to bring to the fight in business or in life. Utilizing her own experiences working through the chaos of a national crisis, helping build solutions, she provides insights on leading teams and individuals.

Certified as Type 1, the most complex Incident Command System level for a national incident, Liaison Officer and Public Information Officer, her experience working with corporations, state and local leaders brings value to this presentation.

Hand-picked to serve as the US Coast Guard Commandant’s Press Secretary in Washington D.C., Martha worked as a Coast Guard spokesperson with the White House, Department of Homeland Security and international media through the bookends of this assignment: the Haitian earthquake in 2010 and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. From this experience and her work at sea on two ships or during major national disasters like Hurricane Sandy’s strike on the Northeast seaboard and the triple Gulf Coast hurricanes of 2017, Martha knows that being resilient and working through the aftermath of a crisis is the only option for success in any business.

Nationally certified and experienced managing major disasters and incidents of the highest level (Type 1) as a Public Information Officer and Liaison Officer, Martha responded to the aftermath and destruction of national disasters including hurricanes Irma/Maria, Sandy, Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska.

She brings her experience working and leading with teams at the national, state and local level to audiences to help your team optimize their performance.

Keynote Motivational Speaker Martha LaGuardia-Kotite Resilient Crisis Management

From her own experience with the loss of a loved one due to suicide and her work producing and directing a suicide prevention training video for the military, Martha can testify as to why the aftermath matters. Building awareness of the aftermath she believes will build prevention. Trained in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Martha’s mission since she experienced the aftermath of suicide as a teenager has driven her to publically speak about her loss and what she has learned in an effort to eliminate suicide as a consideration. Suicide is a permanent action for a temporary situation.

Keynote Motivational Speaker Martha LaGuardia-Kotite Surviving and Thriving

A seemingly unremarkable, tiny animal, the coral, is declining all around the world’s oceans. Martha brings this reef creature into the light and focus as an example of why the coral’s decline directly relates to the ocean’s health and eventually the impact on communities who are sustained by them. She shares stories and illustrates how people are taking action to help the corals rebuild reefs and preserve sensitive marine ecosystems. By building awareness, this presentation will enable audiences to realize the danger of human impacts and improve the health of the ocean. We can win one for the corals who build our ocean’s forests.

Shark over Reef - Image by National Geographic Photo by National Geographic



Martha LaGuardia Kotite is an exceptional author and speaker who brings her passion and mastery of storytelling to each project she undertakes. She has the uncommon ability to tackle grand themes with unforgettable human details that take readers and audiences into the moment while opening their minds to the big picture. I enthusiastically recommend Martha's books and encourage anyone looking for a dynamic speaker to get her onto their stage.

Jeff Carter

Director of Corporate Communications, Defense Finance and Accounting Service

…In addition, Martha has dynamic oratory skills, that clearly captivates an audience in the same manner as she does in her writings. A true patriot - outstanding person, and someone who has served her country with pride and professionalism in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. I would recommend her for any position of responsibility, as well as any opportunity for her to speak in forums, conferences and workshops on any topic.

Vince Patton

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, ret., Senior VP for Leadership Development NewDay USA

If you have not had the honor of hearing her speak, you have missed the proverbial "Coast Guard Boat". She will have you on your feet celebrating her story and the stories of those she has served with. She is a "hero" in every sense of the word! She doesn't act like a hero or trumpet her accomplishments. She doesn't have to. Martha is captivating and her humility and her courage. She is an inspiration to every person at every level in life! If your corporation or organization is in the market for the most dynamic speaker of our time, Martha LaGuardia Kotite is your Keynote!

Lauren Veach

Manager, Tiara Project

Personally and since 2014, I have witnessed Captain LaGuardia-Kotite’s talent as a motivational, inspirational speaker, comfortable and captivating on both the large stage such as Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium with over 800 veterans or on the corporate and training environments or breakout rooms. A collaborative leader, Martha is highly respected and she was asked to Chair the symposium, leading us through a vacancy and transition of planning team to great success. Captain LaGuardia-Kotite served as the Symposium Committee Chair in Norfolk, VA. The positive reception from that Symposium resulted in many of the same attendees returning the next year. The Assistant Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard was so impressed by last year’s Symposium, she requested our assistance in holding a similar event in Canada.

John Dittmer

VI Sea Service Leadership Association, VP

As a freelance journalist and author, Martha's writing continuously covers topics with an emotional connection and a detailed eye. Her works are insightful and indicative of her love for the military, her country, and her fellow citizens and their stories.

This same passion portrayed through her writing can be equally witnessed through her dynamic speaking skills. She is enthusiastic and expressive about her works and dedicated to enlightening others on the subjects that she presents.

Through her writing or speaking, know that with Martha you will get indepth coverage on the subject matter illuminated in a manner which is detailed, emotional, and heart-felt. It is unquestionable to me that this is her true passion.

Kim Guedry

Ceveal Solutions CEO

Long before Martha wrote her books, she was an inspiration to me and others at TSI, a large New York PR agency where we both worked. Her shining spirt, strong ethics, and open, warm nature made it clear to us that she was going places. It’s wonderful to see all she's done with her talents.

Gary Baker

Global Communications Director at The Hackett Group

I had the privilege of meeting Martha several years ago at the U.S. Coast Guard base in Portland, Oregon where she came to give a talk on her book, "So Others May Live" on Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. As the wife of a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, I was thrilled that someone had at last written a book that paid tribute to these courageous Guardians who risk their lives to save others. ….

Not only is Martha a fine writer, researcher, and public speaker, but she also proudly served as the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant's Press Secretary. I am honored to be acquainted with Martha and I have the highest regard for her.

Amy Goodpaster Strebe

Author, Editor and Historian

Thank you so much for a wonderful memorial service last night at my church!
I wanted so badly to say thank you and to introduce my daughter to you- she is 15 1/2. You are a true inspiration for young women to strive to be like you! You are a true patriot. Thank you for all you do! Including and not limited to raising children. Your family and children are very blessed to have you in their lives!


New Life Church CT (9/11 Keynote Event)

You made us laugh, you made us cry, you gave me a renewed sense of hope.

T.J. Joncy

Incredible! You hooked me from the start and I was a little sad when it was over! I wanted to hear more!!

Sara Carrillo

Sometimes with daily activities and schedules, you forget your value and worth and abilities. Listening to Martha is a reminder to remember your power, your potential and your purpose.

Tiffany Morrell