The art of conversation – storytelling – as a Seabourn Conversations speaker aboard Seabourn’s ships Ovation and Odyssey was exciting and wonderful. I served as a Zodiac driver for the Ventures by Seabourn team aboard the ultra-luxury cruise line. I also was a speaker aboard the 650-and 690-foot cruise ships as we traveled to epic fjords, saw whales and mammals and historical sites in Alaska, British Columbia and Norway. During the at sea days, I entertained guests with true stories of courageous men and fearless women. I educated and motivated guests with inspirational topics about the ocean’s health, co-existing and helping sharks, and fed their curiosity with information about icebergs and iceberg hunters! Highlights included:

So Others May Live: The Alaskan Rescue and Inside Story of Tragedy and Triumph which launched the US Coast Guard’s Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Program.
Hollywood’s version of the Coast Guard’s rescue swimmers were depicted by Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher in the movie The Guardian. This is the true and inside story of how it all began and why featuring a retelling of a remarkable Alaskan rescue that took place near Sitka, Alaska with video of the extraordinary heroes who were there. This story is also a chapter in my book, So Others May Live: Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives, Defying Death.

Fearless Women Who Broke Through the Ice and Worked for the Health of Our Oceans Proving Anything is Possible! Showcasing the stories of a renown American oceanographer, explorers of the Arctic and the daring work of a shark whisperer helping us see that we can co exist and need to save sharks.
This conversation showed how taking small steps to build awareness can lead to great change and help our oceans and the treasures, the jewels of the sea and marine life that help our seas prosper and in turn help us.

International Ice Patrol: How 13 Nations Came Together to Locate Icebergs to Save Ships, Save Lives following the tragic sinking of the Titanic.