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SPLUNK invited me to keynote their #datatoeverything campaign launch in Washington DC. I pulled from my US Coast Guard experiences working major international disasters to weave three of my stories into my presentation to illustrate how data is a strategic asset and required for successful business outcomes and best practices. I showed how we used data, collected it, analyzed it and communicated about it, to effectively hone our Coast Guard response efforts following the tragic Haiti earthquake, the explosion and sinking of the rig Deepwater Horizon, which is the the largest marine drilling oil spill in history, and I shared some behind-the-scenes insights into my work as a liaison working in the Florida State’s Emergency Operations Center for multiple major hurricane responses. Having data you can trust is the difference between life and death, creating miracles and successful outcomes for businesses.

Held in a spectacular and historic venue overlooking the White House, Top of the Hay, in the Hay Adams hotel. This was a wonderful way to meet SPLUNK customers and learn more about how SPLUNK is making a difference to help businesses maximize their data as a strategic asset and tool to enhance their business objectives. Each audience member was given a copy of my award-winning book, which I dedicated and signed for them, So Others May Live: Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives, Defying Death.


“Frankly, I was really moved by the three stories. Loved how you pointed out the customer is the American public. Terrific job weaving in data into a lovely and interesting presentation regarding data-driven decisions within the U.S. Coast Guard mission.”

Katy Mann, Director, National Security Programs at SPLUNK

“Comfortable, authentic, experienced speaker with relatable stories!”

Cathy Hubbs, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) The American University

Excellent personal and dynamic conversation with the audience. Excellent visual and rich content providing an emotional connection with the data through your presentation. You brought so much light and energy to your keynote presentation and the conversations.”

John Abbey, CEO BlueStreams Group-IBM Federal/Commercial Business Partner