Special day at US Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown with Southern Bank, Greater Williamsburg Chamber business leaders and the hundreds of students, staff and guests. Humbled by the presence of this spectacular audience and thrilled to deliver my inspirational keynote. The morning was filled with joy and a delightful lunch followed with the commanding officer of TCY and his lovely wife, Mary. My appreciation to everyone who helped bring us all together!

We enjoyed having you visit the Historic Triangle today and really appreciated your leadership insights. Thanks for your service in the USCG and for sharing your story with the world. On behalf of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce and Southern Bank, you have our gratitude for a wonderful event!

Ben Ellington
Senior Vice President, Southern Bank


Thank you Martha! Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown and the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce were incredibly proud and honored to have you aboard!
You struck a chord with the hearts and minds of all in attendance. We can be bold, be first… and be ourselves.

On this day, we had over 200 in attendance, (for your keynote), literally from all over the world… as we just started one of our flagship international courses. Our team is motivated to have hard conversations, to be confident in what matters most and most of all…to be strong and empowered to make change.

Thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity to learn from you. We are better because of you! Thanks from Training Center Yorktown!

Captain Scott Rae
Commanding Officer, USCG


I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your insightful and inspiring talk on leadership. Your experiences and wisdom as a retired Coast Guard Captain were truly impactful, and I can already see how they are shaping my own leadership journey.

Your vivid stories about the Coast Guard swimmers were captivating and highlighted the essence of courage and determination. The details you shared brought a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges and triumphs faced by the Coast Guard.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your remarkable journey with us. Your words have truly motivated our Chamber members, inspiring us to embrace boldness in our leadership roles. I enjoyed spending time with you at lunch and look forward to your next book.

Thank you for inspiring our Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce members.

Terry Banez
Chief Executive Officer, Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce

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